wolves & liars & cons, so what?


I often denounce the banality of our United Statesian juvenile-boy culture but today’s post specifically targets “entertainment.” If it’s been done, it’s been done ad nauseum.

I want movies, TV, books and art to inspire. That doesn’t mean they have to be uplifting or saccharine. But most films/TV shows are based in stimulation not inspiration. What’s that Georges Braque quote? Art disturbs, science reassures. ‘Disturb’ doesn’t have to denote degrading or doltish.

Yes, people can be greedy, violent, criminals. They cheat, fuck, lie and con. And so? Do we have to be subjected to it over and over with no experimental depths, no new inner regions to explore? Breaking Bad, for instance, dealt with all the above in mostly fresh non-gratuitous ways.

People also pick their ass, eat boogers, punch toddlers, pop juicy pimples, splurt diarrhea and I don’t want to watch any of that either.

Recently, I had two new subscribers to Rant-ology! I checked their profiles and found a bevy of boobs and shaved pussies. Ho-hum. What’s the thrill in sending out porn spam? Why must others see it with you? I forgot—it’s that sophomoric “Look At Me” bullshit.

So, movies. Sigh. If a director keeps making the same film again and again just altering details, maybe said director should see a therapist each week instead of subjecting the world to his neuroses/disorders. Psychologists are paid to listen—and deal with narcissists.

What I’m saying is that dysfunction doesn’t necessarily translate into art.

The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle are new films about rapacious sociopaths, brimming with humping, lies, indulgence, nimiety and over the top sexism. Yawn.

Christina McDowell, daughter of another piece of shit Wall Street psychopath wrote a courageous open letter to Scorsese about his veneration of the above redundant monotony. Her father was “business partners” with Jordan Belfort—self described Wolf in the first film. [BTW, I resent this scumbag affiliating himself with actual wolves]:

“You have successfully aligned yourself with an accomplished criminal, a guy who still hasn’t made full restitution to his victims, exacerbating our national obsession with wealth and status and glorifying greed and psychopathic behavior. And don’t even get me started on the incomprehensible way in which your film degrades women, the misogynistic, ass-backwards message you endorse to younger generations of men.”

I won’t be seeing either of these films; I don’t need to…because there’s nothing new here, just more and longer.

It’s often said: you vote with your dollars. If you want higher quality entertainment, stop paying for crap: the worship of greedy-white-guy “values,” special effects (not special when excessive), shoot-em-up-chase, male fantasy fucking/sucking, manic all-noise-no-rest animation (must all talking be yelling?), misogyny, exalting war in make-believe or real life. The zeitgeist of the day could use some fresher, restorative images that appeal to more than one demographic.

What if we created women-friendly shows? NOT chick lit/flick; this is what the “establishment” thinks women like. What if we explored the profundity and complexity of humanity instead of the depths of depravity? 

sleep, snoring, unconscious

Three movie-isms:

  • doorbell rings and the door is immediately answered
  • people knock and then—instantly—knock again and again
  • people rarely snore when sleeping—unless they’re buffoons or old, both for comedic or scary effects but, rest assured, the “beautiful people” don’t snore.

However, in life, many humans snore ranging from semi-soft breathing to horn honking loud regardless of looks, fame or age. But snoring is just one area of no-choice deception.

It appears that sleep rules most people—snorers and non-snorers alike—with little questioning about their nighttime habits. For example, I know two people who cannot sleep without black-out shades, ear plugs and a silk eye mask. Really?

Ponder the must-sleep-eight-hours-or-be tired-all-day people. Hmmm, all day?? Maybe their focus is on what they didn’t get instead of how they actually feel. Or how about the soul that at exactly ‘tired-o’clock’ their eyes close regardless what exciting event is happening. Or there can be no nighttime reading because sleep ambushes them as soon as a book opens. Lastly, there’s the morning functions—talking, thinking, being polite—that (apparently) cannot exist until those emerging from sleep have their coffee, tea, a shower, etc. Preferences? Sure. Must-haves? Nope.

Apparently, they’re slaves to sleep and are convinced this is just how it is.

Do you think our ancestors were this handicapped? I believe this is societal for the most part and that if today’s indulged peeps were in the wilds they would last maybe two days before death in the form of a hungry predator would discover them , snoring loudly with their eye masks and earplugs intact.

Most young kids can animate on a dime upon waking, as can animals. Think about rattling a leash near a sleeping dog or the past visions of my son when he was a toddler shouting, “Seven-Three-O, Mamma! Seven-Three-O!”

I believe these must-haves are choices, not absolutes. I’m all for preference but shouldn’t one be the ‘chooser’ concerning the body much of the time, not the other way around? Many people opt to eat more responsibly, or decide to exercise more regularly. They can also decide not to do something if something ‘better’ interrupts, holiday food and drink, for instance.

So let’s put a point of conscious action in this arena, please. I do believe—unless in illness or excess drugs/drinking—that if your mate can be unpleasantly woken by your snoring, you could be too, if you ‘programed’ yourself to hear it.

We don’t need to act like victims to our sleep, or our taste buds. Most kids, pets and persons like myself would be ever so grateful to not be so constrained by these cultural predilections. Consider reclaiming your personal power by engaging the frontal lobes right before sleep and see what happens after a week.