how to really save the planet


It seems that many people, particularly emerging adults to those in their mid 30s, want a career or to conduct some sort of service to “save the planet.” I can relate, as our earth does appear to be dying. Take any issue from deforestation, world-wide clean water shortage, melting ice caps, acidification of the oceans, invasive species take-over, loss of animal habitat, extinction of various flora and fauna, and logically follow it out. Even if we stopped “the madness” right this second, there’s no cogent ending but the death of planet earth.

Now, what do the following cruelties and atrocities have in common? Plastic gyro islands of trash [see: you’re garbage!], Fukishima, acid rain, amazon clear-cutting, leaking radioactive barrels, pornography, Canary Reed Grass slurping up waterways, rape, mountain top removal, fracking, war, pythons in the everglades? They’re “man”-made.

The source of these obscenities springs from our unconsciousness, our lack of presence to our-Selves and ultimately to any beings here on earth. If you want to save the planet, start within—then and only then move outward.

It all sounds hopeless and depressing if we think we should or even could fix it. There’re weak or nonexistent solutions to many things that are the koan of human existence, and any effective answers won’t be found outside ourselves.

We’re always looking in the wrong place. I once read a fable where the gods are discussing where to hide the soul from man [sic]. They debate, reject various fathomless places, like bottom of the sea, inside a mountain, near the stars. Finally, one god suggests placing the soul within man himself. They chuckle knowing that’s the only place he’ll never consider.

Any movement coming from the predominant state of [un]consciousness derived from our “either/or” competitive paradigm will inevitably create the same result, no matter how “benevolent” the action. Here’s Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Example: Orwell’s Animal Farm (a metaphor for Communism). The farmer, Mr. Jones, is a cruel tyrant so the animals rebel, take over the farm and the pigs set up an egalitarian government where “all animals are equal.” Soon this new government turns into a repressive regime and is as totalitarian as Mr. Jones’ was. The new motto: “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” Sound like the Egyptian revolution of 2012-2013? Or maybe U.S. Congress?

So, even if the world is desperate, waiting and tired, even if it has epic urgency, even if it feels illogical like love can, deal with yourself. BE with your Self. Don’t try to repair. Perform the “effortless effort.” Leap into the unknown.

Our central responsibility: be in the NOW.

Awake, my dear./Be kind to your sleeping heart./Take it out into the vast fields of Light/And let it breathe…  ~Hafiz

As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner. ~ Rumi

There’s no job, no service, no quick fix. There’s no shortcut for being present.

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