haaaawwwkkkk tuuuueeeeeey to you too

We now take a timeout to deliver a public service message aimed at a specificity of men and boys:

For those of you who are entitled enough believe that you have the right to hock a loogie on public sidewalks where the rest of us—women, children, dogs and trained men—walk, dance to avoid, suddenly have to pull our toddlers out of harm’s way, but yet still have to gaze at your repugnant glob of phlegm, how would you feel about, say, pools of pus, morsels of menstrual blood, a soupçon of boogers or meaty drips of diarrhea littering your path through downtown?

If you’re fine with my mini-catalog of repugnance, then carry on, BUT kick those lung cookies to the curb.

If not, keep your mucus to yourself.

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