testosterone: the most lethal substance on earth (george carlin)

It’s not that I never feel sorry for boys or for men; I do. They live within this patriarchal system just as women and all the rest of the species on the planet have to. But then again, no other species constructed that paradigm, did they?

So—we should grieve for the stagnant boys who don’t strive in school and generate “arousal addiction issues” within themselves?” (Arousal addiction: you want different, not just more). I realize Philip Zimbardo is only trying to illuminate this declining aspect of society but there’s a choice going on here. Should we commiserate with males who don’t try? (girls outperform boys at all levels from elementary to graduate schools) You don’t have the same choices if you’re socially *disadvantaged by being born of the “lesser” gender, one of the “minor” races, deformed, neuro-diverse, etc.

But, if you’re from an entitled group that chooses to move towards Loser-ville, it’s difficult to sympathize as much. Except—what about all the straight females who can’t find decent males to befriend, laugh & talk with, share food, sex, music, children with, marry or just date?

Boys—Zimbardo says—no longer know the language of “face contact” because of “excessive internet use…video gaming/porning.” He says the average boy watches 50 porn clips a week!! Stats weren’t given for hours spent gaming. For every 400 films made in Hollywood there are 11K porn videos made; what number do adult men see? In 2009, a Canadian study wanting to measure the impact of pornography on 20-something men was cancelled. The reason? Researchers couldn’t find a control group of men in their 20s who hadn’t consumed porn.

Last February, Bill Maher discussed this trend: “I’m not anti-porn. I’m just saying masturbation has its place and that place is Plan B, when you can’t get the real thing…now psychologists are telling us that for a sizable percentage of men in America, masturbating to porn is Plan A, and doing it with your wife or girlfriend is more like a fallback option…you literally jack yourself into a corner.”

And lastly, I bring you George Carlin: The Male Disease, where I quote, “All the problems in the world…can be traced to what fathers do to their sons.” (patriarchy in action)

Okay parents, time to step in. Ooops, except some of you parents are male. Well, then time to undo what was chosen by you, learned or given to you. Be ‘tasteful’ role models please: overcome your biology and your upbringing. You owe it to the human race to fulfill the term human. The planet is at stake.

Many of us are waiting, and waiting and waiting and waiting…

*valued from patriarchal paradigm standards

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