the ladies’ loo, part two


This post will be almost as short as the line to men’s public toilets except—wait a minute—I’ve never seen a line for them.

Either women need to design all buildings and perform all renovations on existing structures or male architects need to get fed up waiting for their women in public places and apply that irritation to their work instead of their wives: women’s restrooms need to be at least 2-3 times the size of men’s. We women don’t have urinals or peeing troughs and thereby we need more actual toilets. We also often take our little kids, which leads me to my second pee-peeve.

The open front toilet seat is not conducive to toddlers utilizing the toilet nor is there any agreeable reason involving women employing said split seat.

I don’t care about manufacturing costs or that possibly the split is there so men can lift the seat while peeing (really?? how pathetically lazy) or regulations–undoubtedly written by men–that it’s supposed to be more sanitary, which it most certainly is not. We don’t have split seats in our homes, many hotels or in New Zealand.

I hereby raise my toilet seat hand in favor of the more pleasing, comfortable and integris-ly oval toilet seats that I’m pretty sure the planet’s majority would prefer.

*See: the ladies’ loo, part one

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