am I qualified now? not yet. today? nope, pay more $$, spend more time. how about now? not yet…

I’m a “degree-ed” member of our society; I technically can get a better paying job than some poor SOB who didn’t get her/his–baccalaureate, master’s, doctorate–“papers.” Yes, I said the plural ’cause now a BA is almost as worthless as a tea partier’s opinion, though not quite as inferior as a high school diploma in terms of getting a “career.” However, it seems you must have two post-graduate degrees to get a respectable paying job-job.

I have two degrees. All that actually means is that I paid money to some “acknowledged” institution set up long ago by arrogant Somebodies who decided they’d be the ones to judge who could or couldn’t do a particular job. This doesn’t guarantee that I’m good at what I studied; it just means I went through the system.

There was a time when going to college meant higher learning, not grindstone vision to “get a job.” Going to university should give people a lot more than a career. For that I would endorse attending. Plus a degree indicates perseverance but–unfortunately–it often assures in-the-box thinking.

A set of courses, a list of books, a determined number of credits is arbitrarily dictated by whom? As a society it’s agreed that if you have a PhD, you’re qualified. I can testify that’s ofttimes not so. I can also unequivocally state that I know people who do what they do without “papers” and they’re great at it. But some had to get any BA–didn’t matter in what–to get their foot in any door. No wonder emerging adults feel hopeless.

This might be fine if our culture paid for higher education since “they” insist that we have it to get redeeming work, but with the cost of tuition escalating every year to the max allowable and the ever-expanding amount of time required for “validity,” it’s become uncertain for everyone. I read a stat a couple of years back that said 1 in 3 women would die before paying off their student loans! and I’m not talking about women working on oil rigs or stationed in Afghanistan.

A revamping of required credit hours, capricious class needs, high tuition, university rankings, who’s teaching–many classes are  taught by grad students, interns (no pay), adjuncts (almost minimum wage, no benefits)–not professors who BTW are also being extorted for further “qualifications” instead of valuing them for actual teaching…is long overdue.

I want to see the real world proficiency of those who are determining when we’re skilled enough. I want evals on them! Let’s turn this system on its head!

2 thoughts on “am I qualified now? not yet. today? nope, pay more $$, spend more time. how about now? not yet…

  1. Being that this blog is named Rant-ology there should be a thorough study of this rant. I see good grist for standup material here: participation in a unsatisfactory system, economic uncertainty, inequality among the sexes, us vs. them. Frustration.

    Also I see that if I’m going to keep reading this blog I’m going to have to read one called Solution-ology to keep things balanced.

    Going to college used to give one an advantage, but more people are going so the advantage diminishes. Not all of the houses around Lake Wobegone can’t be above average.


  2. O, I agree about the standup material.

    I believe solutions show themselves when we satisfactorily define the problems. Otherwise, usually some crucial piece is missed.

    And, yes. Sigh. There is very little advantage left now which is why I see many emerging adults throwing in the towel. University really should be a mind-stretching activity, a soul finding place rather than one more robotic machine to be spit out the other end.


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