rabble, rabble, rabble : : women create, men destroy

I War the Mask

When I was 15, I had an epiphany I just knew was true and was stoked to tell my parents. I burst into the kitchen where my dad was at the table drinking coffee, my mamma standing by the fridge. I gush: Women are life! and men are death! Pause, beat. Mamma turns with a half smile to her blender and my dad crankily says, “What crap.”

So, it’s not without a bit of trepidation that I repeat this here.

Women—in general—bring life to things: spin food-stuffs into food, knit, sew, plant flowers and vegetables, arouse lilos (penises), create new humans, nurture said humans, domesticate animals…

Men—in general—like demolition. They do create things but many of those things—in general—destroy, either directly or inadvertently: my brothers fashioned blocks, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs so they could knock them down; often men raze something to build something else and—most of all—they adore and build tools. Unfortunately, they frequently call weapons “tools” and engage in the patriarchal win/lose, right/wrong paradigm most deadly displayed as war.

Before you get your speedos in a bunch boys I’m not suggesting that all destruction is bad or this is all you do. Without disintegration, we’d have a messy, cluttered world [see: you’re garbage!]. For instance: a mushroom’s job is to decompose—i.e. destroy—and I love them! So please, I don’t want a barrel of men complaining how they don’t destroy and how they create, cook and parent.

Yeah, I know! I live with a man, half of my friends are men and I have a feminist-thinking son. I’m talking innate generalities. I think humans are—as Blake said—half angels, half human. We can exercise choice. I’m all about telling my clients—both male and female—they have the power to overcome their “biology.”

But, realistically, when we say that “someone” bashed in trashcans, batted mailboxes off their posts, raped a person downtown, stole a car and lead the cops on a high speed chase, shot another outside a bar, trampled flowers, destroyed Wall Street, burned a cat, graffitied a garage, roofied someone’s drink, oil-spilled the Gulf, broke into a house, battered a child, opened fire with assault rifles in a mall or committed the bulk of violent—and otherwise—crimes, well, “they” would be mostly men.

If we don’t accurately identify the problem, we can’t fix it. If we don’t acknowledge our own inborn drives and archetypes: the hero, the trickster, the shadow, we’ll act them out.

Let’s not make this about “sides.” Be you female or male, it’s time to call a dog a dog, accurately address the issue, without blame, so we can all apply compassion and intelligent choice. Change only happens in truth.

*original art “I War the Mask” by Dario Ré

5 thoughts on “rabble, rabble, rabble : : women create, men destroy

  1. I do not understand. So, are you saying that men cause most of the world’s problems, but that we also need to address issues without blame? This rant seems internally conflicted to me, which is human.
    Also, I agree with your last sentence as long as I use my own definition of ‘truth,’ which is a knowledge of oneself. I do not think many people define truth this way. What is ‘truth’ to you?


    • I don’t think it’s conflicted because blaming isn’t part of this. That’s an construct of the right/wrong paradigm which I’ve spoken to before. Facts are such that the majority of the world’s evils tend to be done by men. I don’t make that up; it’s easily documented. But men really are the ones with power to change it. I think our discussion of truth definitions will have to wait for that two day story exchange you’ve mentioned. I’m patient; I can wait. 🙂 Love, Love. Mamma R


      • There will always be fighting, there will always be war, there will always be famine, death, pestilience, destruction, hate, anger, and rape.

        You have just put all of those chores onto the mens shoulders and in effect justified to yourself that women are made from tougher stuff because they have to put up with all of this shit that men do, fact of the matter is, men are more efficient killing machines, but they aren’t the only ones.

        If hypothetically, you are saying with your infallible logic that in a world without men, that women would never fight back against someone like a female hitler? women do hate, over the most stupidest of things aswell. and if I am following your logic they would also sit idly by and let everyone become massacared as the female nazi armies walk the earth.

        Which is ironically exactly what you are doing now, you are sitting idly by and taking puck shots at the men of the world while we suffer, if you want the job of being a man then I strongly fucking suggest that you take the hormones necessary and become one, then try and live in a mans world for once in your fucking life.

        Last time I checked a woman didn’t stop a bullet for her friend, think about how often you hear about men getting shot protecting their homes so that their wives and children remain living.


      • Yeow, you did get your panties bunched, didn’t you, Fake@me.com. Your hypotheticals aren’t mine and thereby your argument is with yourself. Nowhere do I state nor do I feel that men don’t suffer at the hands of patriarchy just as the whole planet does. However, I disagree that there will “always be” war, famine, etc. That’s part of the patriarchal paradigm which potentially could be changed.

        For more thoughts on this see: but don’t you hate… http://rekedar.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/but-dont-you-hate/ and testosterone: the most lethal substance on earth (george carlin) http://rekedar.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/testosterone-the-most-lethal-substance-on-earth-george-carlin/

        Even Carlin gets that it’s not men per se but the mindset. He calls a “dog a dog” and understands that transformation of the culture and the humans that are part of it doesn’t come from blaming but from naming.


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