the ladies’ loo, part one


As people mature, many realize that if they dwell on what they fear, those fears are given more power to manifest. The New Agers discuss the power of intention all the time, right? Plus fear can be contagious and infect others. Think Bush administration; think Tea Partiers.

And this is why I love paper toilet seat covers in women’s public restrooms…even though I don’t use them.

A pet peeve of mine is a curiously American fear of germs that I often encounter in a variety of manifestations. [my Italian mamma used to rail on this topic] None worse than women’s fear of “dirty” toilet seats. Gawd, have they ever been in men’s public restrooms? There’s a concrete fear for you. But I disgustedly digress.

Due to this toilet-germ-fear, countless women crouch just above the seat so none of those loathsome microorganisms can touch their tushies and thereby sprinkle said seat with urine for the next non-germaphobe to unwittingly sit upon and get her butt revoltingly wet. Those unsuspecting people are often little kids…and me.

But since the advent of toilet seat covers, I’ve hardly ever have to look at the seat before I sit because the fearful among us use the seat covers!

A product I could’ve scoffed at is now one that in the future I’ll fully squat for, with deference. If only the manufacturers would make them out of unbleached, recycled paper…

2 thoughts on “the ladies’ loo, part one

  1. it’s not the germs that make me hover over the toilet seat it’s the fact that I’m don’t want to sit in urine, a life time of using the bathrooms at the plaza is what got me to keep an eye on what toilet i use and whether i sit or hover


    • That’s exactly why I wrote this piece. It’s a vicious circle, as they say. Because we’ve sat in pee, we squat which leaves pee on the seat for the next woman who sits in it who then decides to squat and sprays…


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