celebrate the grrrls!

As I finished tucking the seedlings into the garden, I observed the members of the feral honey bee hive that live in my back chimney circle around me to drink out of the bird bee bath that stands in the garden. I usually greet those lovely wingeds as “my girls.”

But now I have five young hens who I call my “girly, girls.”

And I often dub my teenaged-to-women friends, Grrrls.

What’s with all the girls?

  • Honey bees are the only insect in the world that make honey. That’s astonishing! And only ‘girls’ do it.
  • And all the remarkable cheddar, chevre, parmigiano, gouda, bufala, yogurt, quark…all made by cows, nannys, ewes, water buffaloes = females.
  • Chickens, ducks, turtles, fish: each laying eggs humans can use and enjoy from omelets to soup to sushi. All given to us by the girls.

Creating life is something we ascribe to “god,” and in the christian-judeo tradition, that god is—IMHO—erroneously male. Sorry, but that plainly goes against the laws of the universe, or at least the environmental laws of this planet. Most natural food gifts from animals that don’t involve slaughter are ultimately given to us by ‘the girls.’

I’m not saying that the males have nothing to do with any aspect of creation or are even enjoyable (when neutered) [insert smile here] but ultimately and ironically they have been made somewhat scientifically obsolete—in an intrinsic sense—by a mostly male-driven and researched science when they created sperm banks.

Maybe those researchers might turn their talents toward ‘spinning straw into gold’ which is how I view what these ‘girls’ magically do, and that I never cease to marvel that women can actually create new life. Having participated in this process twice and then watched my body produce the needed nourishment for those newly entered beings, well, the awe is still present all these years later.

Celebrate life!

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