TV 2: if you hardly ever watch TV, you’ll love a DVR

Unless you’re a peripatetic person in your teens or 20s–you might consider getting yourself a TV, cable and a DVR. Why?

Absolute efficiency, and to remain informed in your I’m-way-too-busy-to-watch-TV life. I found that the more particular you are, the less TV you watch–the more you need a DVR.

My quasi-spouse used to decompress from his fierce job by surfing our basic cable channels, watching crap TV. So about five years ago, I bought him a TV (nothing huge), cable and a Tivo.

Best. Thing. Ever…for me! Who knew?

You tell the DVR what shows you want recorded and it finds the times, channels for you. If your show airs at a different time the machine knows and adjusts. Give it subjects like yoga and it finds them! Or anything with Johnny Depp in it and Voilà, recorded! There’s Stewart and Colbert!! (LOVE emoticon goes here!) Set it to record only new showings or get it to give you every Perry Mason rerun! (another heart here–who doesn’t swoon over Perry’s sultry eyes or Paul Drake’s sexy hair streak?) And we can pause “live TV” if Obama calls.

This is an information era; to pretend to reside above it is ignorantly ignorant. I’m not a couch tomato, believe me. I read prodigiously, write & publish poems and pithy rants, play guitar, garden, do cards & games with live people, drink wine, cook, work out, go out…and I watch TV.

Why? Because all the good stuff is/was there not in the same-stream movie theaters: Nurse Jackie, In Treatment, standup, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sopranos, Louie, Six Feet Under

Unsure what to watch? Read Nancy Franklin in the New Yorker or listen to David Bianculli of TV Worth Watching. But get in the game, stop snobbing and start watching.

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