in the USA, black men got the vote before white women


When Obama was just a Chicagoian gleam in the eyes of the political machine I asked my quasi-spouse who he thought would be elected first: a black man or a white woman. He hmmmmed and said he thought a white woman would be chosen as there was still a lot of racism out there.

And, yes, there still is a lot of racism out there but not like the invisible below all noses glass ceiling-perfect mom-hot body-rape culture-conservative sexism in the USA, and obvious violent sexism of Taliban-face acid-genital mutilation-stoning to death sexism that exists in other parts of our planet. [see: acid, and not the hallucinogenic kind]

The hatred of women is world wide. Very few women I know—black or white—given the question of whether a white woman or a black man would be elected would have ever picked the white woman. We know what we know.

Example: 3/9/2011 was the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. How many of you knew, be you male or female? Any press you saw outside of feminist or European media sites talk about it? I had six relatively progressive women over to my house and only one was aware of this hallmark. Believe me, if this were a man’s holiday we’d have not only been inundated with bullshit about it but we may have gotten the day off, too.

IMHFO (fill in ‘feminine’ or ‘fucking’ or both for the F), the world will not change until there are many, many women in political positions of power. Not necessarily because we’re better—many women are indoctrinated by the patriarchal paradigm, too—but because we think and value differently. And as Albert Einstein has been bumpersticker-ed to have said: “The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them.”

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