hairs (as my mamma would call them)


I find it odd that some people are freaked out or even disgusted about women who don’t shave, wax or burn—chemically—the hair off their bodies. Like me, for example. Whereas men (minus the cute metro boys and some bike racers) usually only shave above the shoulders.

I, personally, dislike the look of fur on men’s : chests, backs (ewww!), knuckles (double ewww), etc. and yet I don’t expect them to be running off to a spa to get it waxed off or turn my nose up in loathing to their face or threaten to fire them as I almost was when a lowly bartender. This, even though I’m blond and don’t have much hair. Compromise: no sleeveless shirts. Somehow the manager must have missed my legs…

My Florentine mother once told me that in her day, on the beaches of say Lido, some men and women would flaunt a puff of pubic hair from their bikinis/speedos to indicate they were sexy adults and not ragazzi.

I believe body-hairless women is just one way the patriarchal system chooses to infantilize women: no hair under the arms or on the legs and now on those newborn-looking brazilian-waxed (can you say OWWWW my friends report) genitals. And yeah, no wide hips, either. But don’t loose the boobs, Babes.

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