sleep, snoring, unconscious

Three movie-isms:

  • doorbell rings and the door is immediately answered
  • people knock and then—instantly—knock again and again
  • people rarely snore when sleeping—unless they’re buffoons or old, both for comedic or scary effects but, rest assured, the “beautiful” people don’t snore. However, in life, many humans snore ranging from semi-soft breathing to horn honking loud regardless of looks, fame or age.

But snoring is just one area of no-choice deception.

It appears that sleep rules most people—snorers and non-snorers alike—with little questioning about their sleep habits. For example, I know two people who cannot sleep without black-out shades, ear plugs and a silk eye mask. Really? Consider the must-sleep-eight-hours or be tired all day. All day? Maybe their focus is on what they didn’t get instead of how they actually feel. Or how about the soul that at exactly ‘tired-o’clock’ their eyes close regardless what exciting event is happening. Or there can be no night time reading because sleep ambushes them as soon as a book opens. Then there are morning functions—talking, thinking, being polite—that cannot exist until those emerging from sleep have their coffee, tea, a shower, etc.

What slaves. Most young kids can animate on a dime upon waking, as can animals. Think about rattling a leash near a sleeping dog or the past visions of my son when he was little screeching, “Seven-Three-O, Mom; Seven-Three-O.”

Do you think our ancestors were this handicapped? I believe this is societal for the most part and that if today’s indulged were in the wilds they would last maybe two days before death would discover them, snoring loudly with their eye masks and earplugs intact.

I believe these ‘must haves’ are choices, not absolutes. I’m all for preference but shouldn’t one be the ‘chooser’ concerning the body much of the time, not the other way around? Many people appear to opt to eat more responsibly, or decide to exercise more regularly. They can also decide not to do something if something ‘better’ interrupts, holiday food and drink, for instance.

So let’s put a point of conscious choice in this arena, please. We don’t need to act like victims to our sleep or our taste buds. Most kids, pets and persons like myself would be ever so grateful to not be so constrained by these cultural preferences. Reclaim your personal power.

2 thoughts on “sleep, snoring, unconscious

  1. Well I snore, and my snoring has evolved, or maybe devolved over the long decades of my noisy night life. At first, I am told, it was elegant, like the soft purring of a cat. Ah but it has grown old and crotchety (sp?) with the rest of me.

    The crone is like a freight train that rumbles by all night proclaiming that I am old and still breathing.

    I am still breathing. Let’s celebrate!


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