ding! ding! philosophical baby-barbed mini-rants

While sitting in the friends & family section at a Modest Mouse concert–during a break between bands–I felt like I should make an effort to get to know some of the people I was sitting with since I’d gotten these back stage tix free. I’m a person not so good at the talk-of- the-small but nonetheless I turned to the guy next to me and said, “You have any pet peeves?” He immediately answered with a well thought out complaint, which surprised me for two reasons: he was in his 50’s, and he was male. Men certainly have complaints (usually about women) but they’re not often as deep or thought out as most women’s thoughts.

Notice, I said “often” and “most” not the absolutes? ’cause there will be lots written about the omnipresent and universal, underneath everyone‘s nose dismissal of women-thought, women-speak, women-life; try not to make it absolute in your “hearing” when I bitch about patriarchy, which BTW, hurts everyone on the planet from krill to corporate white men.

The quasi-spouse is a bit weary of me ranting to him for 17 years and has affectionately pointed out that since I’m a writer I should: write.it.down. Most of this mini-rants will be 250-500 words. Short & shining.

And that male friend I mentioned above? That was the start of a witty, bantering, introspective, misanthropic friendship of somewhat cynical, usually amicable, humor-dotted, baby-barbed mini-rants. This is the blogspot I’m going to place mine. Welcome to the frivolity! Get ranty!!

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